About us

Our company primarily focused on 3D sphere and 3D printing. One of the many offered services, is the export of materials and appurtenances for 3D printing from Czech Republic to GCC countries, Middle East countries (Lebanon, Jordan and Syria) and North Africa (Egypt).

Beyond materials export we also offer: 3D design, 3D custom printing and serial production.
Our company will have two headquarters. One in Bahrain where is our biggest partner Nass group and the second in Czech Republic. At this moment we are working with six companies in Czech Republic which they use 3D printing in common practice.

In future we would like to expand our services by selling our own: 3D Printers, 3D appurtenances and a manual with useful advices in 3D sphere.

We always try to satisfy our customer with maximum professionalism and accomplish all his expectations and requirements, therefore we stick to the slogan

„Print your dreams“